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Use Kettlebells To Lose Weight

Kettlebells are one of the most versatile gym equipment there is and they are great for weight loss. Most exercises that use kettlebells challenge several muscles at once, increasing your heart rate and putting your whole body into action. Performing these exercises at high intensity will increase your metabolism which in turn helps lose weight, giving you the best results. And what’s more? You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to lose weight. A study by the American Council on Exercise showed that an average kettlebell user burned 400 calories in 20 minutes! This is the equivalent to running a six-minute mile to lose weight.

How to choose the best kettlebell for you

When choosing a kettlebell it is important to find a size that challenges you but also allows you to perform exercises without straining your muscles too much. This way you’ll be able to finish the set of reps required while maintaining proper form. A general rule you can follow when choosing a kettlebell for your workout is to carry a kettlebell weight with which you’re able to do five reps of any workout you’re starting with. If you can conveniently do 20 reps of that workout, then you need to switch to a heavier weight.


This is a 15-minute workout with six kettlebell exercises. Do them in order, sticking to the reps, without resting until you finish all the reps of the sixth and final move of the set. 

  • Swing

Hold the kettlebell in two hands and swing it back between your legs, hinging at the hips with minimal knee bend. Powerfully move your hips forwards to straighten up and use the hip thrust power, not your arms, to raise the weight. Do 10 reps of this.

  • Clean

Swing the kettlebell between your legs and drive the hips forwards. Once the bell passes stomach height, draw your elbow back and slide your hand under and around the bell to catch it in the rack position, then lower the bell in an arc to repeat the move. Do five reps for each side.

  • Press

Start in the rack position with the kettlebell at shoulder height and your elbow tucked in to your side for support. Press the weight directly overhead, using the most efficient path possible to reduce stress on your shoulder joint. Do five reps for each side.

  • Snatch

Swing the bell between your legs, then drive forwards with your hips to swing it up in an arc. When the bell gets to just below chest height, bring your elbow back and slide your hand under and around the kettlebell while using its momentum to end with it overhead. Do five reps for each side.

  • Windmill

with the kettlebell above your head and your feet wider than shoulder-width apart. Your weight distribution should be biased towards the side that’s holding the bell. Keeping your eyes on the bell, lower your torso until your hand touches the floor. Do five reps for each side.

  • Plank drag

Get into a straight-arm plank position with your body in a straight line from head to heels and position a kettlebell to one side of your body. Reach under your torso to drag the bell across to the other side. Switch sides and repeat the move. Do 10 reps for each side.

Once you complete one set, rest for two minutes and repeat till you do three circuits in total. You can increase the number of sets gradually.

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