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Weight Training

Best GYMEX Equipment For Your Home Gym

It is undoubtedly better to have a home gym for a lot of reasons with convenience on top of that list. With a home gym you can workout whenever you want to, listen to any kind of music you like and you don’t have to worry about travel time to the gym. However building a home gym is no easy feat. Few things you will have to consider is the space, your budget and what type of exercise you plan on doing based on your fitness goals. This list of gym equipment from GYMEX will help you get started with building a home gym, and you can add more equipment along the way.


-Adjustable Bench

weight benches are another important piece of equipment to have in your home gym. You can select from a wide range of gym benches including flat benches, olympic weight benches and adjustable weight benches from GYMEX for your home gym. While weight benches don’t take up much space, the angle can be switched up in flat bench to easily change the focus, and it can be used for workouts with dumbbells or barbells. Few things to focus on when getting an adjustable bench is your body type, the price, comfort and fitness goals. It is also better to select a bench that can be upgraded.

This adjustable bench from GYMEX is a good option as it also comes with a squat rack, which is a good and necessary addition to the gym. It has a maximum load of 150KG for the weight rack and can support a maximum body weight of 130KG.

-Resistance Bands

These multi-purpose fitness bands are perfect for strength or resistance training in your home gym. When selecting any gym equipment it is important to select ones that fit your body type and strength. There are generally four main categories of resistance bands – light, medium, heavy and extra heavy and its better to have one from each category based on the workout you do. You can choose from a wide range of bands but a medium strength band is a good choice to get started. 


kettlebells exercises are another great way to work on strength training and it is a must have equipment in your home gym. Although a simple piece of equipment, it has many uses and can add variety to your workout routine. Although a 45-50 lb bell is recommended for men and a 30-35 lb bell for women, it is important to pick a weight that is challenging for you.

Swinging kettlebells has many benefits including improving core strength and stability, enhancing body awareness and coordination and improving balance. It is also a great non-running cardio alternative. Choose from a range of kettlebell sets from GYMEX based on your fitness level.


Your home gym must have equipment for cardio and treadmills, exercise bikes and spin bikes are all good options for cardio exercises. For a cardio workout it is better to choose an equipment  after doing your own research based on preference. Generally running on a treadmill burns more calories per minute than riding an exercise bike, while riding an exercise bike burns more calories than walking on a treadmill. A good option to consider would be an x-frame ergometer bike from GYMEX because it takes up very little space itself because of its small size.


Exercise Mat or Yoga Mat

This is definitely one of the basics for your home gym. While it is not essential, it is definitely better to have one to provide a comfortable surface for working out that can prevent slipping and injuries. There are many sizes and designs to choose from but it is important to do proper research and choose a durable option rather than the cheapest option you find. If you plan on working out regularly it may be a good idea to invest in a commercial grade rubber floor mat

-Exercise Balls

When choosing an fitness balls or gym ball for your home gym it depends on your personal height and its not one size fits all. However if you’re between 5’1″” and 5’7″”, a 55-centimeter ball is a good choice.

While this list can be used to get started with your home gym, when selecting equipment it is better to consult with a fitness trainer or do your own research to look into what equipment you will need based on your personal fitness goals and needs, as it changes based on body type and other factors.

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