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8 Best Fixie Bikes For Cycling In 2017

Fixie bikes are unique type of bikes that only has one gear and stands out for its low maintenance design and lightweight construction.

Fixie Bikes

BY Sarah Friedman   June 20 2017

Also called fixed gear bicycles, fixie bikes have become quite popular, and they’re distinct because the cog is directly tied to the motion of the pedal. Every fixie bikes have a small gear attached to the back wheel, and the bike chain is attached to the teeth, which rotates the chain. One major advantage of purchasing and using a fixie bike is the simplicity. The design of fixie bike makes it a single-gear product. So with better efficiency, you’ll be able to use less energy to go further.

Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

From $329.00 - $399.00

Combining speed, style, and affordability, the single-speed Pure Fix Urban Fixie Road Bike from Pure Cycles is ideal for those getting back into biking after a few years away or who just want to get a feel for riding fixed. Fundamentally simple and simply fun, the Urban Fixie Road Bike starts with an elegant urban geometry frame made from durable high tensile steel. Pure Cycles chose a flip-flop rear hub to give you the flexibility to ride fixed or freewheel. Riding fixed gives you an unmatched feeling of connectedness to the bike, the road, and helps you perfect your pedal stroke.

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

From $199.99

Featuring a strong, handcrafted steel frame and horizontal dropouts that can handle abuse of riding through the city and roadways, Kabuto is a single-speed commuter road bike. This bike contains a rear “flip flop” hub so the rider can run it as a fixed gear or in a standard free-wheel, single speed mode. This eliminates the worry for adjustments of temperamental components.

Vilano Fixed Gear Bike Fixie Single Speed Road Bike

From $149.00 - $188.00

The Vilano Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed comes with a flip flop rear hub enabling the rider to switch from single speed to fixed gear by simply flipping the rear wheel. This model is ideal for commuting as well as casual road biking. Features rear hub, flip-flop fixed cog/freewheel.

Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike

From $160.03 - $392.77

Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike has a hand crafted steel frame with horizontal drop outs that can handle the rugged roads of the city. The Sugiyama is outfitted with a flip flop hub which works in fixed gear or freewheel single-speed modes. This flat bar fixie bike uses a larger than standard 700C x 32 tires that can handle less than perfect road use.

6KU Aluminum Single Speed Fixed Gear Urban Track Bike

From $249.00 - $407.77

This urban track bike features riser bars in place of drop bars for quick navigation through your city’s concrete jungles. The lightweight 6061 alloy frame coupled with a matching 1 and 1/8″ alloy fork will offer you the best of both worlds. Use this bike for recreational commuting, or as an everyday means of transportation. This bike is jam-packed with features such as replaceable stainless steel dropouts, smooth welds, and high-quality aluminum.

Critical Cycles Harper Single Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

From $174.01 - $255.41

Beautiful, lightweight, and affordable this bike is fully decked out with top shelf componentry and equipped with a flip-flop hub so you have the freedom to ride however you sparks your fancy. This commuter bike is equipped with a flip-flop hub for ultimate riding versatility. There are two cogs on opposite sides of the rear wheel, single-speed with a freewheel and fixed-gear. The Harper is equipped with front and rear brakes. Wanda tires are extra wide for dependable city street riding. Deep-V rims with machined braking surface, a KMC chain, and freestyle pedals pave the way for uninterrupted riding and deliberate navigating.

Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike

From $170.62 - $251.70

The all new Vilano Rampage is a stylish urban fixed gear bike. It features 45mm Deep-V Anodized wheels with matching anodized hubs. The rear hub is flip-flop with a freewheel and cog, this allows you to quickly change from single speed to fixed gear by simply flipping the rear wheel. The urban geometry frame and straight fork are tag-welded high tensile steel. This bike also has 28c tires for increased contact and control in urban settings.

State Bicycle Co Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Bike

From $308.57 - $449.00

This bike comes with a flip/flop hub which means you can switch between fixed gear and single-speed with coasting. Features a lightweight 4130 chromoly frame set which is superior to hi-tensile steel frames. Handlebar has an option, bullhorns wrapped with bar tape.