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Solar Powered Phone Chargers for a Fast and Easy Recharge

Now you can recharge your cell phones faster and easier no matter where you are with these solar powered phone chargers.

solar powered phone chargers

BY Aron Devis   July 24 2017

Cell phones are used as a medium to connect us to the world. They have become an important part of our life and are inevitable. So if your phone battery dies when you are out, you will lose the connection you have with the outside world thus letting you face many inconvenient situations. Moreover, it will be a serious issue in a case of emergency. This is where solar powered cell phone chargers come in. They let you power up your devices anywhere you get sunlight thus reducing the chances of a dead battery when you are out. These solar powered phone chargers will help you to harness the power of solar energy to keep your devices running even when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger

From $59.99

Incredibly durable and highly portable solar charger with a fast charging technology that delivers the fastest possible charging speed up to 2.4 amps per port or 3 amps overall under direct sunlight.

Anker PowerPort Solar Lite

From $49.99

This solar charger provides a faster and safer charging with its advanced technology. All you need to do is, simply spread out the solar panels or attach your pack to start repowering your gadgets.

Nekteck 20W Solar Charger

From $49.99

High efficient solar charger with fast charging technology that is highly durable and portable.

ECEEN Foldable Solar Charger

From $39.99

Light weight and ultra compact solar charger that has a unique voltage regulator design and is constructed of sun power solar cells for a easier and faster recharge.

Solio Bolt

From $68.13

Use your device’s own USB charging cable to simply connect it to the solar charger, no need for extra tips or unneeded cables. It has a rechargeable/replaceable battery that can be charged from the sun via two high-efficiency solar panels, or using the micro-USB power in-port, or from the wall outlet with the optional adapter.

Voltaic Systems Amp solar charger

From $89.00

An ultra light and compact solar charger that is equipped with rapid charging and with high quality, and tested materials. It is compatible with Apple iPhone, Android, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry smartphones, Apple iPads and Samsung Tablets, iPods, Sony, Nikon, Canon, GoPro digital cameras, and more.

Solio Classic2

From $94.99

A compact charger that can be easily tucked into a backpack or messenger bag and provides battery back up for a multitude of small gadgets while on-the-go. It features an ingenious design that works as a sundial for energy capture and a 2000mAh battery that charges in 4.5 hours and can be charged even after the sun goes down via the micro-USB port.

Voltaic Fuse 6W

From $109.00

It features a rugged monocrystalline solar panel that is waterproof, UV, and scratch-resistant built to last and go wherever you go. Charge it for 3 hours in direct sunlight to fully charge a typical smartphone, charge upto 8 hours to charge 7″ tablets completely, and 11 hours to charge most 10″ tablets completely. And also includes a backup battery.

Yolk Station Solar Paper

From $148.00

Easily expandable, innovative design with gold plated solar panels. It has an auto reset technology and resists water up to IP64.