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Best Gaming Mouse Pads for Stability & Precision

A top-quality gaming mouse pad will provide fast, consistent cursor movement for split second reactions and pinpoint cursor accuracy

mouse pads

BY Jack Holmes   June 28 2017

A fancy looking top budget gaming mouse without a dependable good surface is totally useless. Even though mouse pads aren’t an absolute necessity, they can provide a comfortable and streamlined surface, ensuring your mouse doesn’t wear down or get dirty over time. So using a good, reliable mouse pad can make a big difference for you gaming experience.

Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat

From $34.99

This gaming mouse pad provides 2 distinct performance surfaces, SPEED for mad fragging action for high-sensitivity gamers; and CONTROL for ultra-precise movements for low-sensitivity gamers. With its unique shape and the soft gel-filled wrist rest, the Razer Vespula provides comfort and perfect tracking for any gamer. The enhanced tracking surfaces are validated by professional gamers.

Razer Firefly Chroma Custom Lighting Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

From $45.08

Featuring a micro-textured finish and optimized reflective surface for rapid in-game responsiveness, the Razer Firefly is engineered to deliver uncompromising precision even in the toughest of gaming duels. This pad features micro-textured surface for both speed and control playstyle. Also optimized for all sensitivity settings and sensors and has chroma lighting with 16.8 million customizable color options.

Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad for High DPI Gaming

From $29.00

Improve mouse control and precision with this mouse pad made specifically designed for high-DPI gaming. Improve mouse control and precision with the mouse pad made specifically for high-DPI gaming. The uniform tracking surface helps improve your aim. The rubber base keeps the pad in place so even the most subtle cursor movements won’t be disrupted by a shifting tracking surface. With a hard tracking surface, solid polymer core and strong rubber base, this mouse pad is built to stand up to hardcore gaming action.

Corsair Vengeance MM400 Hard Plastic Edition Gaming Mouse Mat

From $174.00

The Corsair Vengeance MM400 gaming mouse mat delivers the ideal surface for fast paced gaming. It has been tuned to deliver outstanding glide characteristics without sacrificing control, allowing for both consistent snap targeting and pixel-precise shots. This mouse pad is optimized for gaming sensors. The1.5mm no-slip base provides cushion with just the right amount of give. With over 957 square centimeters of surface area – so your mouse will have lots of room to move.

Kingston Technology HyperX Skyn Gaming Mouse Pad

From $52.60

The HyperX mouse pad has the skin to win with the speed surface for fast-moving action. It is anti-microbial to prevent dirt and bacterial buildup, keeping your game clean. This gaming mouse pad is compatible with optical, wireless or laser mice and provides a seamless transition between desktop and mouse pad. An adhesive bottom lets the pad stick to most surfaces to stay firmly in place and lift off easily without any residue.

Corsair Gaming MM600 Double-Sided Aluminum Core Gaming Mouse Mat

From $109.40

The foundation of this gaming mouse pad is a solid piece of 3mm thick aircraft-grade aluminum. This provides a level of rigidity and durability that will deliver consistent glide for years. Each of the MM600’s two high-quality polymer surfaces has been tuned to deliver distinct glide characteristics. The smooth-texture side produces exceptional high-speed glide, while the heavy-texture side delivers outstanding control. The MM600 gaming mouse mat uses surface materials that have excellent characteristics for sensors.