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Convenient English to Spanish Dictionaries

Spanish is recognized as the mother tongue of some countries. And some countries learn Spanish as the second language, especially the people of U.S.A and other countries who uses Spanish generally, should learn to communicate in Spanish for a positive outcomes for their own personal reasons. An English – spanish  dictionary would be the perfect complimentary gift to any spanish learning student.

English to Spanish Dictionaries

BY Aron Devis   May 9 2017

About Spanish

In Spain and in some different parts of the Spanish-talking world, Spanish is called castellano (Castilian) and additionally español (Spanish), the dialect of the area of Castile, contrasting it with different languages talked in Spain, for example, Galician, Basque and Catalan.

What is an Interrogative Word in Spanish?

Notice that they all have emphasize marks. A large portion of the question words have exact equivalents in Spanish and English. There are 3 Spanish interrogative pronouns that can be translated the English word what: qué, cuál, and cómo.

How Many Letters are in the Alphabet in Spanish?

The Spanish language is composed utilizing the Spanish alphabet, which is the Latin script with one extra letter: eñe “ñ”, for a sum of 27 letters.

How to learn to Speak Spanish?

  • Find a native speaker to feel the language.
  • Consider signing up for a language course which will assist you a lot.
  • Watch Spanish films and cartoons to make the learning process more interesting.
  • Listen to Spanish music and radio.
  • Learn about the Spanish cultures.
  • Consider taking a trip to a Spanish speaking country.
  • Don’t be discouraged.

For a Quick Learn;

Explore nearby Spanish discussion groups. Conquer your feelings of fear and begin communicating in Spanish to others as quickly as possible. This is the fastest approach to learn Spanish. If you do not know of a Spanish discussion group, go to search for 1 in your area.

What is the Estimated Number of Spanish Speakers Around the World

It is evaluated that more than 437 million individuals communicate in Spanish as a local language, which qualifies it as second on the lists of languages by number of native speakers. Instituto Cervantes claims that there are an expected 472 million Spanish speakers with local competence and 567 million Spanish speakers as a first or second language including speakers with limited competence and more than 21 million students of Spanish as a foreign language.

Spanish is the national language in Spain, Equatorial Guinea, and 19 nations in the Americas. Speakers in the Americas add up to somewhere in the range of 418 million. In the European Union, Spanish is the native language of 8% of the populace, with an extra 7% talking it as a second language. Spanish is the most well known second language learned in the United States. In 2011 it was estimated by the American Community Survey that of the 55 million Hispanic United States inhabitants who are five years old and around, 38 million communicate in Spanish at home.

Quality English- Spanish Dictionaries

1. Webster’s English SPANISH Dictionary
2. Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Spanish-English Dictionary (Flexible paperback) (Pocket Reference Library)
3. The New World Spanish/English, English/Spanish Dictionary
4. Webster’s Spanish-English Dictionary for Students, Second Edition
5. Barron’s Spanish-English Pocket Dictionary
6. Merriam-Webster’s Spanish-English Translation Dictionary, Kindle Edition


Webster's English SPANISH Dictionary

From $1.99
Buy Now

The Webster’s English-Spanish Dictionary is a great resource whether in class or on the road; it is a quick and easy tool to find just the words you need. Half of the dictionary is an alphabetical list of English words and their Spanish translations, the other half is an alphabetical list of Spanish words and their English translations. They are ideal for every second language learner!

Merriam-Webster's Pocket Spanish-English Dictionary (Flexible paperback) (Pocket Reference Library)

From $4.97
Buy Now

In this compact guide to essential Spanish and English vocabulary, over 40,000 entries include English pronunciations given in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Bidirectional: English to Spanish and Spanish to English. Includes sections on the conjugation of Spanish verbs, both regular and irregular, irregular English verbs, and Spanish and English numbers.

The New World Spanish/English, English/Spanish Dictionary

From $8.54
Buy Now

The most up-to-date, most detailed dictionary of its kind with over 3,000 new words, phrases, and meanings and more than 70,000 entries. Ideal for Students and travelers.

Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary for Students, Second Edition

From $3.47
Buy Now

This 2014 revised and updated edition is ideal for English and Spanish speakers, this bidirectional dictionary defines the core vocabularies of Latin-American Spanish and American English. Abbreviated description text: This value-priced Spanish-English, with over 50,000 translations is the best bilingual reference for students. Features of this Book Over 40,000 entries and 50,000 translations Spanish-to-English and English-to-Spanish sections Conjugation of Spanish Verbs Irregular English Verbs Value-priced or budget-conscious parents and teachers

Barron's Spanish-English Pocket Dictionary

From $9.15
Buy Now

This updated and revised bilingual dictionary is pocket-sized and easy to use. Students can slip it into backpacks and travelers can fit it in carry-on bags for air travel or satchels for use at their destinations. Abridged from Barron’s comprehensive, full-size Bilingual Dictionary, this book contains approximately 70,000 words presented in two separate sections.

Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English Translation Dictionary, Kindle Edition

From $5.99
Buy Now

A Spanish to English dictionary perfect for language learners of all skill levels. 40,000 entries and 50,000 translations with new translations and new words and phrases added across a variety of fields including technology, lifestyle, food, and science. Extensive coverage of Latin American Spanish. Pronunciations in International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Special sections include Spanish numbers and abbreviations, Spanish Grammar, and Conjugation of Spanish Verbs.

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